Easy Installation

Click next a few times and enter your database details! Ready in minutes!

Responsive Template

Your site will work on all devices and adapt to all resolutions!

Video Sources

Add videos from more than default 20 sources! Add your own website as source!

Optimized for Speed

Optimized sql queries, memcache caching system and minified css/javascript!

Content Translation

Translate video tags and categories directly from the administration panel!

Administration Panel

Manage your menus, content pages and add sources from our extensive administration panel!

SEO Optimized

SEF URLs, canonical URLs, rel prev/next URLs and unique metas will make your site rank well in search engines!

Configurable URLs

Set your preferred URLs for video browse and video view pages! Making your site unique!

Multi Language

Multy language (full UTF8/Unicode support), different urls for languages and automatic language translation in admin!

Advanced Search

Powered by Sphinx Search, our script can provide real time, fast and complex searches without server load!


Start with one server and extend as required, each system component can be run on a different server!

Monetization Options

Several advertising spots, messenger/popups management, player overlay ads, traffic selling and redirecting system!

General Frontend

  • Video Redirection (for traffic generation and selling) or Video View Page with embed code (for revenue from ads)
  • Filter content by Orientation (straight, gay and shemale)
  • Filter content by Categories (one video can belong to multiple categories)
  • Filter content by Order, Timeline, Duration, Source, Views
  • Thumb Rotation System (for videos that have multiple thumbs)
  • Video Flag/Report Button
  • Models Browse Page
  • Models View Page
  • Link exchange (text and plug)
  • Popular search keywords page
  • Related searches for search and category pages
  • User accounts/profiles
  • Favorites and history pages
  • Feedback and Contact pages

Tube Style Template

  • Light and dark template colors
  • Frontpage builder with widgets (popular categories, all categories, featured categories, recent videos, news, popular models, all models, search popular, search random, link plug, link trext)

Search Engine Template

  • Light and dark template colors
  • Frontpage search fullpage
  • Advanced search options


  • Video sources indexing progress and status
  • Server load
  • Popular searches
  • Video statistics
  • Quick links


  • Configuration
    • Set site name, description and keywords
    • Enable/disable multi language, language autodetection (browser/location)
    • Cache Settings
    • Session Options
    • Mailing Options
    • Sphinx Search Settings


  • Manage menus and menu links
  • Manage static content pages
  • Manage news entries


  • Manage videos
  • Configure video module
  • Manage video categories
    • Add and edit categories
    • Rebuild
    • Recategorize
    • Export/Import
  • Manage sources
    • Manage running sources
    • Add sources (select from more than included 20 sources)
    • Configure how video indexing will work (set keywords, translate content, unique indexing, thumbs)
  • Manage popular search keywords
  • Import videos from CSV
  • Delete all videos


  • Manage models
  • Configure model module
  • Add model
  • Export/Import
  • Rebuild Index


  • Manage users
  • Configure user module
  • Add user


  • Manage advertising entries
  • Manage positions/groups
  • Add advertising


  • Manage links
  • Configure link module
  • Add link (text or image/plug)
  • Exchange statistics


  • System Check
  • Cron scripts
  • Tags
    • Manage tags
    • Edit and Translate
  • Bans
  • Cache Manager
  • Sitemap
  • Find Duplicates
  • Synonyms Database
  • Background Processes


  • Commercial license for any usage
  • Full source code provided, you can edit anything you want (php files, css, javascript...)
  • Free lifetime support and minor upgrades
  • Major version upgrades for a fixed fee (example: upgrade from version 2.x to 3.x costs 49$ for single domain license)
    • HMVC PHP Framework (KISS Principle, only loads files/classes when required)
    • Modular OOP Design
    • Clean Code
    • Supports the latest stable version of PHP (currently 7.3.x)
    • Easy to maintain and edit
    • Pure PHP template engine, very fast/optimized and easy to edit
    • Files structure
      • modules
        • components
          • browse.php
          • view.php
        • helpers
          • manage.php (example helper, contains methods used by one or more components in this module)
        • models
          • datatbase.php (example model, contains database/caching calls used by one or more components in this module)
      • templates
        • css
        • images
        • javascript
        • *.tpl.php template files

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